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 OFFER:  FREE Chainsaw, Homelite 240, needs repair  
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distance:  US US: located in 23602
offered by:  Burgener   « view users profile to see their other offers
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gives:  184 gets:  7 wants:  0 rating:  4.8
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title:  Chainsaw, Homelite 240, needs repair
description:  Chainsaw, Homelite 240, needs repair. Given by neighbor years ago, I gave to a friend, and today he brought it back saying he'd never get around to it. I THINK it was repairable years ago. I ASSUME it still turns over fine. I THINK it's 12 or 14 inch long bar. No papers, no parts, no nuthin. Steve Fan4Rud- you out there? Gen Loc: behind Pat Hen Mall.
category:  Tools
modified:  over a month ago on Feb. 18, 2008 4:09PM - UTC
status:  withdrawn

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