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 OFFER:  FREE Aluminum Gutters (old) for recycling  
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distance:  US US: located in 23602
offered by:  Burgener   « view users profile to see their other offers
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title:  Aluminum Gutters (old) for recycling
description:  Old gutters from my neighbors house. I've changed my mind. I don't have time to cflatten out, cut up and fold these aluminum gutters and carry them to SIMS/Metal for the few dollars they'll bring in as scrap aluminum. Anybody care to take them? This offer is good only until I drag them into the back yard, or start cutting them myself. If you can fetch them in the next day or two, take them, do the work, and cash them in at SIMS/Metal junk yard on J Clyde Morris. No idea how much they weigh. It's an entire house worth, though. Nails and aluminum tubing should still be hanging on the gutters. I'm located behind the Patrick Heny Mall, in Newport News.
category:  Building Materials
modified:  over a month ago on Nov. 3, 2007 12:28PM - UTC
status:  withdrawn

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